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Melville D. Mummert

Advisor to Executives, Companies and Financial Investors since 1987


Leadership, initiative and a focus on results are the keys to success.

  • Technical competence gained from an engineering degree (Princeton University) and jobs at IBM in systems engineering and sales management
  • Over 30 years in Corporate Finance, applying an MBA (Harvard University) and executive responsibilities at Matuschka Group, ABN Amro Bank, Mummert & Company, and Raymond James
  • Advised on over 200 successful corporate finance transactions, including mergers, divestitures, acquisitions, joint ventures, financings, and public takeovers
  • Experience as an entrepreneur, building teams or businesses in the USA, UK, and Germany
  • Investor in start-ups


Trustworthy advice based on discretion and open communication.


Pragmatic recommendations that produce measurable results.


Reliable, independent advice based on specialized expertise.